Dare to dream? DreamCream Ice Cream parlor mixes fantastic flavors and crowd sourced support to help make your dream a reality.

this month's dreamers

Peanut Better Toffee
Cycle for Cystic Fibrosis
My Dream

 Some things we’ll never forget, like how to ride a bicycle or peanut-butter toffee ice cream! Especially when said ice cream helps cyclists ride 100 miles in a day to cure Cystic Fibrosis!

Strawberry Cheesecake
The Prez Show Live
My Dream

Strawberry Cheesecake won’t make the world go round, but it will help The Prez Show Live flip a old school bus inside out to interview musicians at music festivals across the country.

Cookies N Cream
Rashad's Hope to Find a Cure
My Dream

Terminal illness can be taxing on the soul and a lack of Cookies & Cream equally bad for your health! Buy Rashad’s flavor to help the National Ataxia Foundation find a cure today.

Cookie Dough
Help Josh Help Emma
My Dream

Be a smart cookie! Help Josh raise enough dough to send Emma, a Tanzanian orphan, to vocational school with cookie dough flavored ice cream.

Coconut Bliss
Sarah's Volunteer Project
My Dream

Forget the Lime! put the Dream in the coconut and help send Sarah to a El Salvador to volunteer at the Center for Arts and Peace.

Butter Pecan
Hill House Association
My Dream

50 years is a long time… Let’s celebrate the Hill House Association for their dedication to the community with a timeless scoop of Butter Pecan Ice Cream!

Birthday Bash
Claudy's Emanate Hospitality
My Dream

So it’s not your birthday… roll out the confetti sprinkles and pickup birthday cake so Claudy can bring Emanate Hospitality to a celebration near you!

Apple Pie
Sofiya's Fashion Boutique
My Dream

Not much is still made from scratch, but this pecan crusted apple pie ice cream helps Sofiya’s Fashion Boutique restore our faith in the saying “Made in America”.

Milk & Sugar can change the world
how it works
You Have a Dream
Whether you’re a soccer mom in need of new team uniforms, a church hosting a community event, or newlyweds trying to buy your first home, DreamCream can help.
Apply to Dream Cream
Each month, #dreamers are invited to join the #dreamteam by submitting an online application. You and your team have the opportunity to tell your story while scooping ice cream. Fill out our simple application or call us to learn more at 412-540-5393.
Choose a Flavor
Dreamers who are selected choose an ice cream flavor from over 100 options including Caramel Praline Truffle, Grasshopper Pie, Mint-Ting-a-Ling, Cherry Panda Paws, Banana Cream Pie, Rocky Mountain Raspberry, and Death by Chocolate to represent their cause.
Share Your Dream
Raise hype about your ice cream to raise more money for your cause. Share your dream via email, social media, and even shouting it from the ice cream parlor! Invite friends, family, and supporters to DreamCream for a feel-good scoop.
Meet Your Goal
At DreamCream, we help you move your dream forward. At the end of the month, you receive a portion of the sales from your ice cream flavor, and dreamers are encouraged to reapply to make their dreams come true.

become a dreamer



Need help making your dream come true? Have a few hours a week to spend in volunteer time? Crazy for your cause? DreamCream can help. As a dreamer, you and your team are responsible for volunteering a few hours out of the month to tell your story and scoop ice cream.

hours & locations

Summer Hours:
11am – 11pm April – October

Call Us: 412.540.5393

539 Libery Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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it started with a dream

In 2012, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership partnered with the mayor’s office of the City of Pittsburgh to launch Project Pop-Up, a program aimed at revitalizing downtown neighborhoods. This gave DreamCream the chance to revive an abandoned camera storefront and turn it into a gourmet ice cream parlor.


We believe that ice cream can change the world, so we created a new cause marketing model that marries ice cream and fundraising to realize dreams. Over the last two years we have helped over 80 individuals and organizations make their dreams come true, raising nearly $50,000 to help churches fix roofs, nonprofits to host fundraisers, and parents to adopt children.


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